Jeff Kemp — Denver, Colorado

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Marketing Automation Consultant focused on CRM integration with Sales and Marketing Automation to greatly enhance existing marketing efforts and business operations workflow for improved bottom line.

Using industry best practices Jeff can integrate your CRM with the latest Marketing Automation technology by setting up, customizing, and automating innovative Sales and Marketing Automation processes and Lead Nurturing Campaigns that will attract your ideal customer, cultivate them as a lead, and move them stage by stage through your Lead Pipeline until they are automatically handed off to your Sales Team for follow up and to create sales Opportunities (or direct to e-commerce purchase if that is your model).

Jeff can also set up Customer Nurturing Programs that will increase customer retention and loyalty and restore dormant customers. By automating the process of generating, tracking and guiding Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), and perpetually filling your Sales Funnel with highly qualified leads that fit your ideal customer profile, you’ll feel like you hired an army of marketing experts!

Jeff Kemp

CRM & Marketing Automation Consultant

As a Freelance Marketing Consultant Jeff has 25+ years of business-to-business (B2B) Marketing & Web Development experience both strategically and tactically within several industries including online (SaaS), high-tech, aerospace/aviation, publishing, manufacturing, and real estate.

Jeff’s motto is ‘Scaling Your Business with Marketing AutomationSM with his company

Contact Jeff today at 303-888-5140 so that he can help you to define, develop, and execute on a successful and adaptive Marketing Plan custom tailored to fit your resources and goals for true ROI and long term benefit.

More About Jeff

Jeff Kemp is a Denver based ‘General Technologist’ with over 25 years of Tools & Technology, web design, graphics, high-tech marketing, product management, internet/ecommerce, and technical writing experience with insight into several industries including aerospace/avionics, consumer electronics, SaaS, and printing/publishing.

As a seasoned professional Jeff has held high profile positions within global organizations including roles of Product Manager, Marketing Manager, National Accounts Manager, Web Developer, Ecommerce Manager, Business Development Manager, and Consultant, plus several years as a successful Entrepreneur in online businesses.

Jeff has visited the corporate headquarters and done business development with Apple, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Continental Airlines, El Al Airlines (in Israel) and other global companies.

Marketing Automation

As a Marketing and Web Consultant Jeff is focused heavily on Marketing Automation. He helps companies to select the correct Marketing Automation tool for their business, then helps them to integrate it into their business workflow and CRM for optimized lead management and sales conversion. He helps to integrate web forms, landing pages, Lead Pipeline stages, list management, custom fields, CRM, external connectors, marketing campaigns, and also provides sales and marketing training that makes it all come together to grow business.

Jeff is experienced with Salesforce Pardot, Act-On, ActiveCampaign, and Podio/GlobiFlow, and many other tools and services.

Advanced WordPress

Jeff is a WordPress enthusiast, and considered a WordPress Expert, at least from a site-building and operational hosting, maintenance, and support standpoint…he’s built, optimized, maintained, hosted, and supported scores of WP sites. He’s been using WordPress as a WordPress Consultant and Freelance Web Designer (WordPress Developer/Designer) for 8+ years, with proficiency in stand-alone WP and WP Multisite.

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Strategic. Tactical. Adaptive. Capable.

Highly capable within many areas of hands-on execution, Jeff helps companies and nonprofits to define, develop, and execute on successful and adaptive Marketing Plans custom tailored to fit their resources and goals for true ROI.