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As a Marketing Consultant with 20+ years in business to business (B2B) Marketing & Web Development, Jeff helps businesses achieve ‘Higher Visibility. More Market Presence‘ under his company MileHighMarketing.com. Call Jeff at 303-888-5140 to discuss your marketing goals…he can help you to define and execute on them.

Jeff Kemp

As a Certified Colorado Home Inspector and Co-Owner of RadiantIspections.com Jeff provides professional residential Home Inspections for home buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agents/brokers. Call today to schedule a Home Inspection 303-747-6145.

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More About Jeff

Jeff Kemp is a Denver based ‘General Technologist’ with over 15 years of Tools & Technology, web design, graphics, high-tech marketing, product management, internet/ecommerce, and technical writing experience with insight into several industries including aerospace/avionics, consumer electronics, SaaS, and printing/publishing.

As the Founder of a startup company named SiteSubscribe that provides Managed WordPress Services his current role is a cross between Freelance Web Designer (WordPress Developer/Designer), Tech Support Specialist, Customer Service Specialist, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, and Entrepreneur. He spends a great deal of each day building, customizing, and supporting websites sites…and occasionally even gets to work on his own websites :)

As a seasoned professional Jeff has held high profile positions within global organizations including roles of Product Manager, Marketing Manager, National Accounts Manager, Web Developer, and Business Development Manager, plus several years as a successful Entrepreneur in online businesses and commercial printing.

Jeff is a huge WordPress enthusiast. He’s considered a WordPress Expert, at least from a site-building standpoint (he’s built scores of WP sites). He’s been using WordPress for about 5 years, with proficiency in stand-alone WP, WPMU and WP Multisite. As a WordPress Consultant Jeff spends a lot of his time solving WordPress issues and troubleshooting WordPress problems…if there’s a problem with your WordPress website he can probably fix it.

One of his unusual strengths is his fairly comprehensive knowledge of available WordPress plugins (both free and commercial). To date he’s catalogued and rated over 2,800 plugins so that he can refer to his customers the best plugin for any particular requirement. He’s also very familiar with Genesis and theme frameworks.

He currently holds customer Training and Support (hands-on, webinar-based, email, phone) with dozens of existing clients, and is the Founder/Facilitator of the ‘WordPress Interactive Training‘ meetup group with over 230 members where he trains folks from all technical levels on WordPress topics and offers help however he can throughout the WordPress community.